Create a New Google Doc & Share It with Me!

1. Login to your Google Drive account using the hard copy instructions at your computer.

2. Create a new document.
a. Click the red Create button on the left hand side of the page.
b. Select "Document" in the menu that appears. A blank document should open up.

3. Title your document.
a. In the upper left-hand corner, click on the gray text that reads, "Untitled Document."

b. A box will appear that will allow you to rename your document.

c. Title your document: Last Name, Class Period, Test Document

d. Click OK.

4. Type in your document.
a. In the document, type a few sentences about the best class you have ever had. (Key Questions: What is the name of the class? Who taught it? What did you like about the class? What activity or activities did you like the most? Were you academically successful in this class? Why or why not?)

b. No need to save--Google Docs does that automatically!

5. Share your document with me!
a. Click on the blue share button on the top right of the screen.

b. A "Share Settings" box will appear.

c. At the very bottom of the box, type my e-mail address ( into the "Invite People" box.

d. When you type in my name a few options will also appear--you can select whether or not I can edit the document or if I only have commenting/viewing privileges. Select "Can View" from the menu.

e. When you share the document, I will receive an e-mail. You can add a message to that e-mail by typing in the optional message box. Type "First Try" in the message box.
(You can also select to have a copy of the document sent to yourself or to have the document pasted directly into the e-mail.)

f. Click Send. You have officially shared your document with me!