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Navigating the WikiSpace

When looking for course materials, make sure to select the specific UNIT* (i.e. Russian Revolutions) in the navigation bar to the right. Do not try to use the "Pages and File" link (top right) to find course materials. The link will pull up every version of every PowerPoint, worksheet, etc. that I've ever uploaded. Materials, while similar, are updated year to year, and modified to reflect changes in the curriculum.

*If the unit you need is not in the navigation bar, click "See more." Occasionally, Chrome has some issues pulling up the additional pages, so you may want to try a different browser.

Review Materials

CLARIFICATION: The format of the final exams for HONORS is FILL-INS (no word bank), multiple choice, short answer, essay.


B Period
B Period-Definitions for Quizlet

B Period Quizlet (in progress)

E Period
E Period-Definitions for Quizlet

E Period Quizlet (in progress)

Cold Ward Jeopardy

Cuban Revolution & Bay of Pigs Book PAGES (Also on the Cold War page.)

Third Quarter Jeopardy Review

America on the Sidelines-Web Link

Animal Farm Project Instructions



Propaganda PPT

Example-Follow Me

These students believed advertising could be a form of propaganda.

Strengths of this project include: creativity, effort, demonstration of knowledge (It is clear from this project that the students understood propaganda, Animal Farm, and the historical figures they chose to discuss.)

Midterm Review Materials

Midterm Review Quizlet (CP & H) : http://quizlet.com/_1179ov

Review Jeopardy-Part 1

Review Jeopardy-Part 2

Collaborize Classroom (HONORS ONLY)

1. Click Here to go to the Collaborize Classroom website.

2. Log in. You should input your e-mail (OR if you did not input an e-mail, your username) and password.

3. A discussion post will appear--the same question we went over in class.

4. Below the title, you will see an option to "View and Comment." Click on the link.

5. A discussion post box will appear. Type your response.

6. Click the brown post button to post your response to the forum.

Guidelines for Peer RepliesYour peer reply should be a thoughtful response to a peer's post and can incorporate your response to one or more of the following questions:-Do you agree or disagree with the original author's post? Why or why not? (Gentle reminder: it is OK to disagree but make sure your comments are respectful.)-Is there something in the author's post that made you think more about a topic? If so, what?-Is there something that the original poster (OP) mentioned that you would like to build upon? If so, explain.-Did the OP's post help you make any connections or spark thoughts about events or situations that are happening today?-Other