Each Unit page (i.e. the Enlightenment page) has a copy of the unit outline, copies of the power points and handouts from class, and if applicable, helpful links and/or videos from the unit.

Quarter One
Course Introduction (Intro Materials-Honors, Intro Materials-CP)

Unit 1: Enlightenment
Unit 2: French Revolution
Unit 3: Haitian Revolution

Assessment: Quarterly

Quarter Two
Unit 4: Nationalism (includes South American Revolutions, Unification of Italy and Germany, and the weakening of the Ottoman Empire)
Unit 5: Industrial Revolution
Unit 6: Imperialism

Major Assessment: Midterm

Quarter Three
Unit 7: World War One
Unit 8: Russian Revolutions
Unit 9: Rise of Dictators
Unit 10: WWII

Assessment: Quarterly

Quarter Four
Unit 11: Cold War/Fall of USSR
Unit 12: Modern Middle East
Unit 13: Genocide

Major Assessment: Final Exam